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The enjoyment of human rights implies access to reliable information, our commitment as a Private Foundation, is to educate in human rights, raise awareness in the vulnerable population of the importance of knowing their rights and duties, therefore, we direct all our efforts to expand the alliances with Licensed Lawyers that provide legal advice with responsibility and guarantee to provide the best competitions of their knowledge aimed at an excellent and competitive defense.

Accessing a lawyer is essential to perfect the right to defense in administrative and judicial processes, by proclaiming justice as a fundamental human right, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights enshrines the essential principles of equality before the law, presumption of innocence and the right of every person to be heard publicly and with justice by an independent and impartial court, as well as to all the necessary guarantees for the defense of the person accused of a crime. Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights establishes, among others, the following minimum guarantees: the right of the person to be tried without undue delay; the right to be heard publicly and with due guarantees by a competent, independent and impartial court, established by law and to "defend oneself personally or be assisted by a defender of their choice; to be informed, if he does not have a defender, of the right that assists him to have one, and, whenever the interest of justice requires it.

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