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The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) invited HUMAN RIGHTS WITH DR, CORP to participate in the first meeting of the Caribbean Dialogue Network (CDN) for 2023. As a member of the Caribbean Dialogue Network (CDN) of the IACHR whose objective is to strengthen the mandate of the IACHR on the monitoring of human rights in the Caribbean region and the promotion of inter-American human rights standards by building bridges of communication between the IACHR and civil society organizations ( CSOs) within CARICOM.

Deliberating on the news on the following topics:

Gender Based Violence – Is there any legislation in your country that is specifically geared towards the protection of women against gender based violence? If not, are there any proposals, initiatives or movements with the goal of implementing such legislation in your country?

2.  State Institutions – Are there any state institutions with the purpose of protecting the rights of women in your country?

3.  Reproductive rights – Do women in your country have access to safe/legal pregnancy termination health services?

We appreciate the invitation and express our commitment to continue working to promote and defend human rights in the Caribbean. 


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  1. As always, carrying the name of Derechos Humanos con DR Corp, who is always involved with issues of interest in human rights, this time with our volunteer lawyer Criston Williams in Trinidad and Tobago who talks about such an important issue as it is violence against women especially on this Caribbean island that is so dangerous for women and more so if they are migrants. Interesting topics addressed in this meeting, where he once again had his participation in Derechos Humanos con DR Corp.

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